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I m Manishjeet Nayak and this is my website diligere. Currently doing my master’s in cybersecurity and as I learn, I want to share my knowledge with you through diligere.

Football is my favorite sport and Lionel Messi is my favorite player I enjoy watching him. Some of my other interests are financial knowledge as I m just a beginner in finance I find it very interesting. It gives a great insight into our economical structure and how we get there. Marketing will also come to my area of interest as I try to make diligere easy for you.


Cybrecrime around the world is increasing rapidly. As result damage from cybercrime is 3.5 billion dollar in 2019 according to Statista. These damages continue to increase as a result demand for cybersecurity professionals is also increasing. Therefore I created diligere as a great guide for beginners to help them begin there course and academics in cybersecurity. We will cover everything that a beginner should know as we increase our knowledge. As I do this course with you it will also help me and increase my knowledge and information.

What will we cover?

  • Beginner friendly guide to cybersecurity.
  • latest news and trends in cyberworld.
  • blogs about certain topics.
  • Tutorials to get started in cybersecurity.

As we begin our journey click on tutorials to see where to begin from they will be your great starting point. Cybersecurity is a very interesting topic as you move forward in you learning however it also requires dedication and great patience therefore a great control over you emotions will help you alot. In other words its not going to be easy but once you start understanding it there is no going back.

To begin your journey start with bandit overthewire tutorials as its a great way to understand linux , ssh and git.